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June 12, 2009

There Is Nothing Good About Comrpomise On Nationalized Health Care

From The KX Network

The problem, from the conservative perspective, with compromising with liberals is that even in compromise liberals win and conservatives lose.  If you don’t want to grow the government, and you compromise with people who want to grow the government a great deal so that the resulting growth is less, the government still got bigger.

The big-government people win through incrementalism.  As an example of this, remember that our federal income tax started off as a simple, relatively simple tax on a small number of Americans.  Now our income tax code, when printed, consists of tens of thousands of pages and costs Americans hundreds of billions of dollars annually to comply with.
So when I hear, as an opponent to nationalized health care, that Democrats are “willing to compromise” on health care, I’m not at all relieved.  Because even a compromise on nationalized health care moves us further down to government control of our health care.  It’s like boiling the proverbial frog.  Toss a frog into boiling water and it’ll jump right out.  Put a frog in room temperature water and slowly raise the temperature and it’ll boil to death before it realizes what’s happening.

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats are offering to scrap a controversial government-sponsored health insurance provision in an effort to win more than a dozen moderate and conservative Republican votes to extend health care coverage to nearly 46 million uninsured Americans.

Sen. Max Baucus , D- Mont. , the chairman of the Finance Committee , signaled his willingness Thursday to compromise to attract enough GOP support to pass the legislation in the Senate this summer with as many as 70 votes.Baucus emerged from a morning session with key Republicans and Democrats saying he was “inclined toward” jettisoning the proposed government insurance program, which President Barack Obama endorsed last week, in favor of a new proposal to create national, state and regional health care insurance cooperatives.

Republicans oppose the public insurance option, saying it would undermine the private insurance industry and lead to a national health insurance system. Some conservative Democrats also are skeptical of the public plan option, even as they and Baucus support Obama’s goals.
Baucus said that the public insurance plan option is “so opposed at this point by Republicans” that “it’s basically the question of, well, gee, what do we have to do to compromise to get health care passed this year?”

While he expressed interest in the co-op idea, which was drafted by Sen. Kent Conrad , D- N.D. , the chairman of the Budget Committee, Baucus cautioned that it had to achieve many of the same goals the public option would, including being national in scope, having adequate capital, offering the public a wide choice of affordable insurance and making sure it isn’t eventually absorbed by the private insurance industry.

This is incrementalism.  The liberals know they can’t just jump right into a national government-run system of health car given all the horror stories Americans hear about such systems in places like Canada and Great Britain.  So instead they’re going to settle for creating the framework for a big, national health care plan now.  They’ll create these “co-op” health care providers around the countries, which will ostensibly be independent of the government.  These non-profit “co-ops” would lure in lots and lots of Americans.  Then, down the road, when everyone is used to the co-ops the liberals can push for nationalized health care again and simply nationalize the already existing health care “co-ops.”Republicans cannot compromise on this.  The only government policies for health care true conservatives should be supporting are those that move our health care system away from third-party payers (employers and/or the government) and toward empowering individuals to pay for their own health care.  Health savings accounts.  Self-insuring.  That sort of thing.We need to oppose any policy that makes Americans more dependent on government, and support policies that make us less dependent on government.  All of the “compromises” being talked about by the liberals are the former, not the later.


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