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March 25, 2009

Watching The Trillions Pile Up

By: Howard Rich Chairman of Americans for Limited Government

With another $2 trillion in federal interventionism announced within the last week alone, the price tag for America’s economic “recovery” continues to soar to stratospheric, scarcely-comprehensible heights.

First we had hundreds of billions for troubled – now “toxic” – assets.

Then we had President Barack Obama’s $787 billion bureaucratic bailout – an unprecedented expansion of programmatic, status quo spending that will create the “Mother of All Annualizations” for dozens of cash-strapped state governments that even now still refuse to live within their means.

Next there was “quantitative easing,” which is another way of saying our federal government started printing money so that it could purchase more of its own debt.

All told, the feds have pledged $13 trillion to deal with the current recession – or trillions more than our existing national debt.

Think about that for a moment – $13 trillion.

Watching The Trillions Pile Up


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