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March 18, 2009

Public voting equals coercion

I came across this letter to the editor while reading the Washington Times today. I feel the need to highlight it because I cannot agree more. Whether or n0t intimidation will take place is irrelevant. The fact is that a public ballot opens the door for intimidation and there is absolutely no benefit to an open ballot. This in my opinion is just another way the government is chipping away at our individual rights.

From the Washinton Times:

LETTER TO EDITOR: Public voting equals coercion

The Employee Free Choice Act would end the secret ballot when employees vote on whether to unionize at a workplace. Basically, under the law, they could vote in a union through a public card check. Though the name of the act sounds just peachy, it would remove the right to a secret ballot and allow for much potential coercion and violence.

Currently, unions have a card check to push for the right to unionize a workplace. This is, then, the trigger for a secret-ballot vote on unionization. The fact that the percent of those voting for unionization drops dramatically in a secret ballot compared to a public card-check vote is the reason the unions want the nonsecret card check.

That our Congress would even consider removing the right to secret ballots at any level within our society is chilling. How would any of us feel if we had to vote publicly for president or for any other elected position? The intimidation such public votes bring within any society would be oppressive, to say the least.


Royal Oak, Mich.


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